Farm and Ranch Pest Control

Satisfied FarmerHow hard do you work? We are sure it’s no less than sun-up to sun-down. With all of your effort, it would be heartbreaking if rodents or other pests would turn all that work into worthlessness. We customize pest services that will protect your investment and keep those profits in your pocket where they belong.

Our service targets pests that are known to:

  • Damage the wiring of high value equipment
  • Spread disease to your livestock
  • Attack your harvest (grain bins, silos, etc.)
  • Enter barns, sheds, and homes

Each of us at Pfitzer Pest Control has a sincere interest in the health and safety of your farm or ranch. The members of our staff have either grown up on a farm or ranch, managed a feedlot, worked at a sale barn, or regularly help ranchers sort cows or farmers harvest grain or cut hay.