The Habits and Treatment of Each Type of Fly

Like any other year, flies continue to be a major conversation this time of year. In this area, we battle three main types of flies: house flies, fruit flies and cluster (attic) flies. This article will break down the habits and treatment of each type of fly to help you through the season.

House Flies: These are your standard fly that you see almost anywhere. They buzz, tickle, and irritate the heck out of you seemingly all of the time. So, what can we do to keep them out of our home or business? The big misstep people take is leaving their door, window, etc. open. A propped back door at a restaurant, customers entering your business, kids opening the door what seems like a million times a day. The list goes on and on. Of course, we are not saying that you shut down your business and ask your customers not to enter, we simply want you to be aware that flies are coming with them! Keep in mind, once they enter, items such as food that may be passing its expiration are the hot spots where they feed and reproduce. During peak season, it’s important to have a plan in place to move the flies away from your customer or your dinner table. We recommend bating these types of flies and are able to customize a plan depending upon the severity of your problem.

Fruit Flies: Like house flies, fruit flies feed and breed in areas where food is left out. They thrive on anything that ferments – soda, fruit, beer, etc. In short, keep your countertops, drains, garbage, etc. cleaned of any fermented foods.

Cluster Flies: Growing up in an old farm house, cluster flies have been a major nuisance to me since childhood. I remember the old-style windows filled with cluster flies complimented by sleepless nights of that one fly who managed to stay alive, buzzing his way to any light source until he faces his imminent death. If you share similar memories or are still living this truth. There is help! Our fall spray nearly eliminates the pain and agony of cluster flies. The key here is prevention. If preventative measures are not taken, flies will enter your house in the fall and stay here all winter long.

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