Spotlight on Sheridan – Volume 6

Featuring: Alden Good, Sheridan Wyoming Tech, Pfitzer Pest Control

The past two months have featured our owners, Garret and Karen Pfitzer. As our busiest time of year comes to a close, we thought it was time to Spotlight our local Tech, Alden Good. Alden’s dedication to service has allowed him to become a staple name to so many in Sheridan. He’s a great person to have on the team and, as you will see, quite the photographer.

Alden’s answers to our monthly questions are highlighted below:

1. What is your favorite social media platform?
I would say my favorite social media platform is Facebook. It’s a good way to see the local “happenings” along with being able to stay connected with friends and family. I am a big time picture taker and it is a blast to see what people snap shots of, along with the comments that follow after a picture is posted.

2. What is the best part about your job?
The best part of my job as a pest control tech is meeting new customers and helping them create a happy home without all the pests. In this job you have to work with your customer to understand and meet their needs, rather than simply showing up to do the work. I feel it is important to build a relationship with each customer.

3. Where are you from originally?
I am from a small town called Mason in Michigan.

4. Can you tell us how you first became involved with Pfitzer Pest Control?
I started working with Pfitzer Pest Control in 2013, when they entered the Sheridan market.

5. Do you come from a large or a small family?
I am the middle child with two other siblings. I would have to say that the middle child is the test for all mothers!

6. How about your family today.
My family includes my wife Kathy, and three children Dylan, Courtney and Ryan. I am a dog person so I have to include Ty, a Mountain Cur hunting dog; man’s best friend.

7. What activities in Sheridan or the surrounding area do you enjoy?
It is hard to not to find something to do in this part of the country – from the Big Horn Mountains to visiting Main Street in Sheridan. My personal favorite is simply driving around, seeing the new roads and country surrounding Sheridan.

8. What is your favorite view or spot for relaxation in or near Sheridan?
I spent several years as a cowboy therefore my #1 home away from home would have to be all the creeks and hills were I spent my days on a horse. I also enjoy taking my family out shooting, seeing all of the wildlife. When you spend your days outside, it is pleasurable to watch the four seasons come and go. Above all, the foothills of the Wolf Mountains is where I find peace.

9. Name a fun fact about yourself that most people do not know.
I have a longboard. Skateboarding is something I have enjoyed since I was a kid.

10. What are, in your opinion, the top three “things” about Sheridan?
This one is difficult as there are so many! The country side is so big, and with my job I get to see quite a bit of it. I’d recommend the view of Sheridan from the top of Red Grade and also the view of Ranchester and Dayton from Sand Turn. A bit farther out is the Low Powder River country. The fun part of the Sheridan area is that you can go from rolling hills to rough and rugged country in a matter of minutes.

Thank you for reading. As always, we appreciate you and this community. We are happy to answer any questions at 844-9-BYE-BUGS (844-929-3284).

In Health and Happiness,
Karen Pfitzer