Fruit Flies

As we battle the dog days of summer, it seems that many of the pests that have left us alone for the past several months manage to re-appear. This year, fruit flies are topping the list as one of the biggest nuisances of the season. Although fruit flies can find their way into your house any time of year, this summer has brought them in droves.

Image titleThe first step to their elimination is to locate their breeding source. Often times, fruit flies are found in the kitchen or bathroom. They are attracted to drains, garbage cans or counter tops where food items or empty containers reside. Just like many of us humans, they love sugar – especially fruit, hence their name! Other places where they gather are around spilled soda or liquor, left out meat, etc.

We would love to say we have a magic potion for these little pests although we must admit the contrary. Common fruit flies are very difficult to eliminate. We do have a few DIY recommendations that will help during an infestation, which a listed below.

Wipe your counter tops down after cooking or eating meals. · Do not store fruits on the counter. Try to keep them in the refrigerator if possible. · Maintain a separate receptacle for food items and cans/bottles, regularly removing them from your house. · Use bleach or other cleaners to clean household drains.

With any other specific questions regarding fruit flies or other household pests, please give Pfitzer Pest Control a call. We are always happy to answer questions and provide recommendations, even when a DIY solution is best. Our contact information is below:

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