Fleas Can Still Exist WITHOUT Pets

Often times, fleas are found on pets. You head to the local store, grab a collar, some spray or a chewable and VIOLA, the fleas are gone. Prior to entering the pest control industry, I had no idea that fleas actually can infest a home as well – even if you do not have a pet! Fleas generally are carried near or close to a home by an animal (the neighbor’s cat, a squirrel scampering near your door, even a previous owner’s dog) but do not need an animal to thrive.

Without the constant pet scratching, identifying a flea infestation can prove to be difficult. You may see a flea but they are very difficult to identify. They are less than 3mm in length, with no wings and jumping abilities like Michael Jordan. Fleas have six legs that carry flat brown bodies. Fleas can also bite humans. Flea bites are raised red bumps, usually in clusters or three or four.

Without a pet, fleas usually go unnoticed for longer periods of time therefore are more of a problem once they are discovered. A series of treatments is generally recommended if this is the case. We offer a customized plan, depending upon the severity of your problem.

If you are a DIYer, there are several over-the-counter remedies that you can purchase as well as solutions to concoct. For permanent relief, we do recommend professional assistance due to the difficulty and time required to remove them from your home.

If you believe you have fleas in your home or business or have any other pest control issues, we offer a free inspection to provide recommendations for your particular area of concern. Call 844-9-BYE-BUGS (844-929-3284) to set up your inspection today.

In Health and Happiness,

Karen Pfitzer